150 Locke Street South
Hamilton, ON L8P 4A9
P: 905-523-4999 | F: 905-523-9994


Olivier Lechapt, B.Sc., OMP

Olivier Lechapt received his training in osteopathic practice in France, at the “Institut de Formation en Ostéopathie du Grand Avignon” (IFO-GA) graduating in 2014, after a B Sc. in Biology. Since then he worked in his own office in the south of France. At the same time he volunteered osteopathic treatments for a Rugby school and humanitarian association, always being dedicated to helping people.

Eager to travel and discover new countries and new ways to practice osteopathy, he has now settled in Hamilton and has joined the team in the Regent Health Centre. He is an active volunteer with ACFO-Hamilton among the francophone community.

Olivier offers treatments in French or English and is a member of the Canadian Society for Traditional Osteopathy (So.Ca.T.O.) that allows most of the complementary insurance plans to cover his sessions. An initial session lasts for 45 to 60 minutes ($65) and a follow-up treatment lasts for 30 minutes ($40).

Tel: 289-877-8448 (Information / Booking)

Website: www.osteolivier.ca