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Mind & Body Services at Regent Health


Blending gentle restorative techniques with stimulating vinyasas, Emphasis on mindfulness in the work. The role of witness is central to the yogic way of life; simply noticing shifts in bodily sensations, without analysis or judgment, can prove enormously beneficial to personal growth and peace of mind. It is in this vein that Alex endeavors to create an atmosphere of absolute permission, patience and acceptance in her classes, enabling each present to take things at their own pace.

All levels welcome. Drop in or sign up. Classes are stimulating and relaxing, challenging and rejuvenating to the body. Please refer to studio Schedule for dates and times.


Your Meditation Workshops & Courses With Jivasu and Mira

Meditation programs are offered year-round. These programs, facilitated by Naturality teachers, include a variety of meditation techniques, breath-work, gentle relaxing movements and dialogue topics that are relevant to awareness, bliss and compassion.

Some Dialogue Topics:

  • Managing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain
  • Freedom from Fear
  • What is Enlightenment
  • How to Prevent Brain Aging
  • Chakras, Brain and Destiny

For more information view www.naturalitypath.com and/or contact
jivasu.natural@gmail.com or mira.rostami@hotmail.com

Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Qigong are part of a complete system of mind-body training that teaches you to relax deeply while moving the body as a single unit. Originating in Chinese methods of movement and meditation that date back thousands of years, Qigong and Tai Chi stretch and align all body systems so that they work harmoniously together. While gentle, Tai Chi and Qigong challenge you to move your body more efficiently, to release stale patterns and tensions, and to sink into the present moment.

For more information about Tai Chi and Qigong, class times and fees, visit taichionlocke.blogspot.com.

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Email: smithmk2@gmail.com

Website: www.taichionlocke.blogspot.ca